About Money Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Money Academy Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2015 by “Mr. Akash Gondawale”

University of Pune “Topper as Economics Graduate”

At the age of 27, he declared his Financial Retirement . As a moral obligation that he owes to the society , he started ‘Financial Literacy Program’ for the betterment of society through “Money Academy Pvt. Ltd. ”

We proudly announce more than 2500 people were trained for financial literacy with ‘Money Academy Pvt. Ltd. ’

More than 15 year’s of experience in capital market.

Our Mission & Vision

To impart practical technique training through Financial Literacy and make society Happy, Prosperous & Wealthy.


Make India a superpower through economic revolution

By 2020, To make 25,000 people Financially Literate


By 2020, To open 10 branches of Money Academy Pvt. Ltd. in each district in Maharashtra through Financial Literacy

By 2020, To create 25 business for Employment Generation

By 2025, To create World’s First University to provide Financial Literacy