Value Added Sessions

Mutual Fund

  • Types of Mutual Fund & their benefits
  • How to choose the right scheme at the right time which gives you higher returns?
  • Lifelong guidance on mutual fund schemes

Real Estate

What are the different types of real estate ? How can we take advantage of it for the richness?

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Agricultural Land
  • Semi Urban Land
  • Urban land
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Time Share In Holiday Resort

Financial Freedom Fund

  • If you want to retire from tomorrow & wish to fulfill your present and future goals… how much money will it cost and from where it will come?

Financial Planning

  • How to achieve all your financial goals in time?
  • How did you get a sure retirement in just 5-7 years?
  • How to do right thing at the right time in life?
  • We will do planning of all these things. (lifetime for you and after you ….for your family)

Sure and Possible Income

  • What is sure and possible income and its types?
  • At what age you should depend on what type of income?

Bond Debentures

  • What is a bond/debenture? Its type and use?
  • How to achieve 30 to 50% interest more than the bank?

Will and Estate Planning

    Guidance on the Importance of
  • Will
  • Children's saddle
  • Power of notification
  • Execution Will
  • Children's sash
  • Power of order
  • Exclusions
  • Organization will
  • In absence of you, your family will be guided to get your investment / insurance

Tax Savings

  • How to use tax benefits?
  • Effective ways of tax saving in legal ways
  • Modern and specialist guidance for the whole life and thereafter to your family to manage and maintain wealth


  • How to build business capital?
  • What are the risks in business & how to reduce the risks & its management ?
  • Guidance for generating funds and to make your business big & sustainable